Teacher Resignation Letter Examples: Guide and Free Templates

When it comes time for a teacher to resign from his or her position, it should be done in a graceful manner. There are many reasons as to why you might want to leave your teaching position. These reasons might include taking a teaching position at another school, difficulty getting along with the principal or … Read more

One-Month Notice Resignation Letter Examples & How-To Guide

When resigning from a company there are times that a one-month resignation notice is necessary. A longer notice has a lot to do with your role and responsibilities.  It is not uncommon for those in higher executive positions to give a one-month notice instead of two weeks. The company you work for may require a … Read more

Two Weeks Notice Resignation Letter Examples & How-To Guide

It is professional courtesy to give your employer a two weeks’ resignation notice when you leave your position.  While it is usually not required contractually it is always essential to leave a job on good terms.  If you want to know all about submitting a two weeks’ notice resignation letter, we will cover everything you … Read more

How to Write Resignation Letter Email Subject Lines – 10 Examples

There comes a time in everyone’s professional life when they decide to leave their current position to either accept a new job at another company for more pay and/or a promotion, or to take some time away from work to deal with personal situations. An effective resignation letter will help you maintain contact with your … Read more